The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP11: Learn Water Skiing with Coop Diddy

Welcome to this very alternative (and quite explicit) episode of The Water Ski Podcast

In this episode, Coop Diddy asks Matteo a lot of the questions people want to ask about skiing. A lot of people have tried water skiing on some combos at least once, and Coop is no exception. In fact, Coop even managed to "kick one off"!

Follow this entertaining episode as Coop and Matteo ramble and untangle:
  • Some basics about the slalom course
  • The idea of a reverse course
  • What "41 off" is off of and general rope lengths
  • Right vs. Left foot forward
  • Whether water skiing is an extreme sport
  • How to promote the sport
  • And a lot more!

If you are new to the sport, hopefully you'll learn something out of this conversation.
If you are already an experienced and knowledgeable skier, you'll definitely find this discussion amusing and, possibly, resembling the ones you often have about trying to explain our sport to non-skiers.

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