The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP37: Ski Talk with Will Asher (Part 3)

Episode 37 concludes a 3-part interview with Will Asher.

Will is a 2-time World Champion, 5-times Masters Champion, and among the very best skiers of all time.

This is actually a second recording. The first recording session, which occurred via Skype, got damaged due to Matteo's computer failing. However, Will's audio was preserved. Parts of this first recording will be features exclusively on Water Ski Bits, so make sure to subscribe on your favorite platform!

In this third part, Will covers his journey at HO Skis, including what he has learned from the LaPoint brothers, the search and journey he underwent to understand ski shaping and design, and some recent adjustments he has made to his skiing. The interview concludes with Matteo using word association to further explore some key moments and people in Will's journey to this point.

Follow Will on Instagram, and watch his NCWSA Record of 3.5@41off. Also, check out "More Than a Skier", a FlowPoint TV episode with Will.

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