The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP46: Ski Talk with Matteo Ianni

This episode of The Water Ski Podcast is with Matteo Ianni. Matteo is a great water skier who was a rising star of the sport worldwide during his teenager years. Unfortunately, overtraining landed to a number of protrusions in his back that impeded him from continuing what could have been a stellar pro career.

Sit back as the Matteo talks about his early days as a skier, the early successes and his thirst for high-performance slalom skiing, as well as the injury and the struggle of discovering what the problem actually was. Further, the two Matteos discuss the current state of the sport, the overly permissive tolerances currently present in our sport, and what inspired the guest of this episode to contribute to what became the Water Ski Games.


In order to promote the Water Ski Games on World Water Skiers (WWS), we decided to launch an event to all TWSP fans. Called "Anything But A Slalom Ski", the event uses the Zero Buoy Score system to encourage everyone to compete remotely. Please create a profile on WWS if you don't have one, follow the rules, and submit your round. The only additional rule is that you can't run the course on a slalom ski… Post your videos on Instagram and throw in the hashtag #anythingbutaslalomski

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