The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP49: Transcripts, Wikipedia, and The History of Water Skiing

This episode of TWSP is a mix of an announcement and a call to action.

The announcement involves the publication of the TWSP Transcripts, an initial and enormously time-consuming undertaking of transcribing as many TWSP interviews as possible. Beyond the honorable goal of making these interviews accessible to the hearing-impaired population, the goal is to create citable documents for people to use on any report of water skiing.

Here comes the call to action. Wikipedia is a project editable by everyone and possibly the most honorable and interesting experiment ever done on the internet. However, in order to add information, one has to cite sources. Written resources (such as transcripts) are much easier to search and cite, so this should be the job of volunteers easy. Matteo's wish is that people join forces and continue edit Wikipedia with entries about water skiing.

Finally, Matteo would like to thank everyone who has already helped with transcribing the first five episodes so far!

Enjoy and spread the knowledge about the sport! Reach out if you are willing to help and do not really know where to start :)