The Water Ski Podcast

hosted by Matteo Luzzeri

EP53: Ski Talk with Greg Desfond, Waterski Nation (Part 2)

Episode 53 of TWSP is the second part of Matteo's interview with Gregoire Desfond.

This first part cover Greg's early exposure to a fun summertime activity called water skiing, and the much later discovery that it is a sport, and quite an exciting one. Greg's story might be quite different from most guests, but it has that underlying common factor of experiencing a sport like no other.

After covering Greg's from being in skiing to become into it, in this second part we cover the genesis of Waterski Nation, some of the projects he carried out through his platform, and promotion of water skiing in general!

One of those projects is the Waterski Journal, a free online water ski magazine. Read the first and second issue by clicking on the appropriate links.


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